Mission & Vision


Little Lambs Benoni is a Pre-School with a Christian foundation where we offer the best for each child to assist them to reach their full potential.

This will be achieved by:

  • Focusing on the child as an individual, moulding well-rounded confident children who will be able to face the future with their heads held high.
  • Creating opportunities to embrace and experience cultural and social differences, encouraging respect and tolerance for all.
  • Allowing children to be children and learn through play, exploration, discovery and participation.
  • To offer a safe and healthy environment that allows children to push their personal boundaries and limitations.
  • Employing staff who are passionate about children and have the knowledge, skills and experience to be empathetic role models to the children in their care


To take excellent care of every single child placed under our supervision and to ensure that they will grow into happy, balanced and successful adults.